AMITY is all about bringing people together through the universal language of great music. It’s about connection. It happens when you set aside the cares of our world today and seize the beauty in the present moment. It sounds like the mix tape you played on that epic road trip with your best friend. It feels like the first crisp autumn night with your crew around the bonfire. And it tastes like that smokey Old Fashioned buzzing you to dance. 

AMITY, a Richmond based duo, is the combined sound of the magnetic and soulful vocalist, Morgan Lynsey and the powerful pop singer and guitarist, Drew Dunbar. There is something magical that happens when these two sing together. Each song takes on a unique life of its own, building momentum and melting the core with stunning harmonies. 

You’ll hear a fresh new take on familiar songs from artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bee Gees, The Civil Wars, and Chris Stapleton. Get ready for a journey, discovering AMITY instant hits that sound like classics. This modern day Johnny and June share life’s crazy ride through forever friendship, forbidden love, heartbreak blues, and fiery passion. Wherever you end up, one thing is certain, these two are electric together.

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